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Thu 27 Aug  - Dow up 350 points on pace for record 2-day gain
The U.S. stock market continued to rebound Thursday morning after days of volatility.

Thu 27 Aug  - World is still hooked on cheap money
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Thu 27 Aug  - Global markets rebound as panic eases
Global markets traded higher on Thursday as investors cheered a strong close on Wall Street and supportive comments from central bankers.

Thu 27 Aug  - China's shrinking copper appetite is killing US jobs
Mining companies are cutting jobs as China's economic slowdown causes prices to tumble.

Thu 27 Aug  - Ukraine dodges default with $3.6 billion debt deal
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Thu 27 Aug  - Good news: U.S. economy grew faster than expected
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Thu 27 Aug  - U.S. stocks set for gains after global rebound
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Wed 26 Aug  - China contagion: How it ripples across the world
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Wed 26 Aug  - Dow zooms up 619 points, 3rd biggest gain ever
The Dow raced 600 points higher on Wednesday, logging its biggest point gain since the 2008 financial crisis.

Wed 26 Aug  - $2.1 trillion erased from U.S. stocks in 6 days
The enormous losses reflect the deep fears about the health of the global economy amid China's slowdown.

Wed 26 Aug  - NY Fed: September rate hike 'less compelling' now
After fears that China's economic slowdown has worsened and global stock markets have nosedived, a rate hike appears "less compelling," said New York Fed President William Dudley.

Wed 26 Aug  - The mysterious 21% plunge in GE's stock
On Monday shares of GE mysteriously suffered their biggest decline since Black Monday of 1987

Wed 26 Aug  - Don't panic! China has problems, not a crisis
What's happening in China's stock market is worrisome. But many economists say it's too soon to panic.

Wed 26 Aug  - Alarmed by stocks? 5 charts break it down
Most investors aren't worried about stocks right now. They need to remember all the gains from the past 6 years.

Wed 26 Aug  - Why U.S. stocks aren't headed for a crash
America's stock market isn't anywhere near a bear market.

Wed 26 Aug  - U.S. stocks poised for gains despite new China fall
Here's what you need to know about the markets before you start your business day.

Wed 26 Aug  - China stocks extend 5-day losing streak
China stocks declined again Wednesday despite a new round of stimulus measures from the central government.

Wed 26 Aug  - China's state media looks for a markets scapegoat
Global stocks have been on one hell of a ride in recent days, and everyone is looking for a scapegoat.

Tue 25 Aug  - More stock market craziness: 442-point Dow rally vanishes
A 442-point surge for the Dow vanished at the end of the trading session late Tuesday, the latest sign of how jittery markets have become about the health of the global economy.

Tue 25 Aug  - Stocks in 9 countries meet the scary bear
China's stock market crash has pushed some of the world's key markets into the bear market. Here are nine of them.

Tue 25 Aug  - Global markets recover despite new China plunge
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Tue 25 Aug  - These stocks are getting crushed. Is it time to buy now?
The Dow fell 588 points on Monday. The stock market's poor performance could be creating buying opportunities -- though there's still bad bets out there too, experts say.

Tue 25 Aug  - Don't worry about your retirement savings
Vanguard's website was briefly down for those who went online to check on their portfolios Monday morning, when the stock market took an epic 1,000-point dive.

Tue 25 Aug  - China needs to open up about its economy
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Tue 25 Aug  - U.S. futures signal big rebound on Wall Street
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Thu 27 Aug  - European stocks win back China-inspired losses
[at MarketWatch] - European stocks rally as global growth prospects brighten on a bigger-than-expected revision in U.S. economic activity.

Thu 27 Aug  - What US and Chinese stocks have in common
[at CNBC] - History shows less correlation between Chinese stocks, oil prices and U.S. stocks than many investors might expect. At least for now.

Thu 27 Aug  - Swire Properties Selected as Constituent of the Hang Seng Corporate Sustainability Index
[at noodls] - Press Releases For Immediate Release 27 August 2015 27 August 2015, Hong Kong - Swire Properties Limited (Stock Code: 1972) is pleased to announce that it has been selected as a constituent member of the ...

Wed 26 Aug  - China stocks rise early as Wall Street gains calm global contagion fears
[Reuters] - SHANGHAI (Reuters) - China's major stock indexes rose on Thursday as a strong rebound on Wall Street helped calm global markets after days of wild volatility. The CSI300 index rose 2.2 percent to 3,092.81 ...

Wed 26 Aug  - Shanghai stocks jump 5.34% as US gains drive relief rally
[AFP] - Shanghai stocks closed up 5.34 percent on Thursday, cheered by a rally on Wall Street and a domestic interest rate cut this week aimed at boosting the world's second-largest economy, dealers said. China's ...