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Thu 30 Jul  - China is trying to save its market with failed policies
History shows that government attempts to try to salvage the market generally backfire.

Thu 30 Jul  - Prepare for gold prices to low as $350
If history is any guide, gold is still very expensive -- despite its recent fall.

Thu 30 Jul  - This Bud's not for you: Budweiser, Bud Light sales fall
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Thu 30 Jul  - Stick a fork in Whole Foods?
The company's sales have taken a hit since New York City found it was overcharging customers for some products. Whole Foods is actually cutting prices though. But it can't shake its bad reputation.

Thu 30 Jul  - Good but not great: U.S. economy grows 2.3%
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Thu 30 Jul  - Oil price slump costs another 12,500 jobs
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Wed 29 Jul  - Samsung misjudged demand for its flagship smartphone
Samsung didn't produce enough Galaxy S6 Edge phones to meet high customer demand.

Wed 29 Jul  - Fears over China's market crash are overblown
China's market meltdown isn't a financial crisis, it's a political one.

Wed 29 Jul  - Jack Lew warns Congress over debt ceiling
Treasury Secretary Jack Lew warns lawmakers that they can't continue to ignore the need to raise the nation's borrowing limit forever. In fact, by his estimates, Congress should act on the matter by mid-fall.

Wed 29 Jul  - Fed: Prepare for likely interest rate hike in 6 weeks
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Wed 29 Jul  - Is Yelp on its death bed?
Yelp shares plummeted 27% as the platform grapples with a brand reputation issues and trouble retaining employees.

Wed 29 Jul  - Smoking is not cool. But cigarette stocks are hot.
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Thu 30 Jul  - Stocks: 4 things to know before the open
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Wed 29 Jul  - World's biggest carmaker is worried about China
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Wed 29 Jul  - Weird: Only 3 new U.S. banks opened since 2010
Before the financial crisis, over 100 banks would typically open a year in the U.S.

Wed 29 Jul  - Restaurant CEO: $15 minimum wage hurts teen jobs
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Wed 29 Jul  - Twitter's Jack Dorsey: We know we must be easier to use
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Wed 29 Jul  - Toshiba's interim CEO to take 90% pay cut
Toshiba's interim chief executive Masashi Muromachi will take a 90% pay cut for the next two months as a massive accounting scandal continues to rock the company.

Tue 28 Jul  - China has a major bubble problem
China has a problem: Its citizens are among the best savers in the world, but they don't have enough places to stick their money.

Tue 28 Jul  - Some U.S. senators want to start oil war with Iran
Several Republican senators are pushing hard for the U.S. to lift its ban on crude oil exports.

Thu 30 Jul  - Asia Stocks Climb to Pare July Drop as Fed Outlook Boosts Dollar
[Bloomberg] - The Bloomberg Dollar Spot Index was little changed, set for its best month since January. West Texas Intermediate oil has slumped 19 percent in July, its worst performance since December, while gold is down 7.4 percent, set for its biggest monthly drop since 2013 after falling to a five-year low.

Wed 29 Jul  - China stocks stage late-trade comeback
[at Financial Times] - Chinese stocks surged in late trade on Wednesday, with the Shanghai index recording a 3.4 per cent rise just two days after one of its sharpest drops in history. The Shanghai Composite closed at 3,789.0 ...

Wed 29 Jul  - China stocks remain weak as investors focus on the Fed
[at MarketWatch] - China stocks continued to fall on Tuesday in markets that swung between gains and losses, as investors increasingly turned their focus to the Fed meeting outcome.

Tue 28 Jul  - China stocks slide for fourth day but futures steady
[Reuters] - China stocks fell for a fourth straight session on Wednesday but losses were more subdued than earlier in the week, while futures markets steadied after the government announced more market support measures. China CSI300 stock index futures for August were little changed at 3,682.2, but still 118.71 points below the current value of the underlying index, pointing to expectations of further losses. Shares fell on Tuesday as Beijing scrambled once again to prop up a stock market whose wild gyrations have heightened fears about the financial stability of the world's second-biggest economy.